Draft:How to/Write an article

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articles are the bread and butter of otherkin wiki. here's how you make one!

Check if your topic is viable[edit | edit source]

does an article exist already?

check notability requirements. if you don't already have sources, you can look for some by ...

you can also create a listing on the species sources page to invite other people to help you find sources.

Make a draft[edit | edit source]

create it in draftspace (you can use the same technique to create pages under your userspace which you can use for whatever you want)

Turning sources into content[edit | edit source]

identifying statements and facts in writing, + noticing where multiple sources say the same thing

write in your own words! also other stuff on tone and style

how to insert a citation

Structure of an article[edit | edit source]

(manual of style will have more on this once we actually have one of those)

the lead. this introduces the topic and provides a summary of everything in the article. it can help to write this last

if it's a species / identity label: experiences goes first

history, community, reception or relation to other communities are all possible sections. the exact ones will depend on what information exists, and some may be rolled into one.

When you feel like it's done[edit | edit source]

announce either on the article workshop talk page or in the discord somewhere and other people will give it a look over

articles don't have to be perfect immediately! (should probably reiterate this throughout)