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This is a list of media produced by alterhumans.

Comics[edit | edit source]

  • Theri There, a comic started by Orion Scribner in 2005 about otherkin and therians.[1]
  • The Realm of Kaerwyn, a fantasy-adventure comic started by Jakkal in 2006.[2]
  • The 2013 Remain minicomic, the Lady Death and Her Loved Ones minicomic, and the ongoing autobiographical minicomic series half-size by America artist Pete Rude.[3]
  • The Delta Project, a comic anthology of shapeshifting and transformation stories started by Jakkal in 2016.[4]
  • Shenani-kins, a comic started by Page Shepard in 2020 about nonhuman experiences.[5]
  • Black Tapestries, a fantasy comic started by Jakkal in 2020.[6]

Music[edit | edit source]

  • The 2023 album Ozarka by American musician Synanthrope and her three 2023 singles Orange Dodge Pickup Truck, feather, and Solace.[7]
  • The 2023 album Starlit Destiny; Echoes of Eternity and three 2022 albums New Light, Love Never Dies, and Danger Area Closed by American musician Colt Ryder Stone.[8]

Books and magazines[edit | edit source]

  • The Forest Voice zine organized by Tsu Swanblood in 2011.[9]
  • Shifting Hearts, a 2013 romance anthology focusing on otherkin and therian love interests.
  • The Howl zine organized by American artist Pete Rude in 2015.[3]
  • The Therian Nation Magazine organized by Ulfrvif in 2020.[10]
  • Kind, a mindfulness zine by Sleep Dies in 2022.[11]
  • Growing Pains, a novel by Sleep Dies in 2022.[12]
  • From Fictionfolk, a zine about the experiences of fictionkin and adjacent identities created by Azure in 2022.[13]
  • The ongoing fantasy novel The Princess's Feathers by Zang, started in 2022.[14]
  • The ongoing fantasy novels The Turning Wind and The Tachanigh-Kelkaith by Rakeela Windrider.[15][16]
  • Inky Paws #1 and #2, fiction anthologies organized by Page Shepard.[17][18]
  • Otherzine, a zine organized by Alterangxl.[19]
  • The Farthest Star science-fiction series and the Nightmare Gods dark fiction series by author Rebecca Mickley and editor Kat Luck.[20][21]
  • The Mating Flight fantasy duology, the Wrath of Trees fiction novel, the Sythyry's Journal fantasy series, the A Marriage of Insects novel, and the Snake-Armed Girl novel by Bard Bloom.[22]
  • The Dragonfire fantasy series and The Last Monster on Earth fantasy novel by LJ Davies.[23]
  • The Dragons and Skylines fantasy series by Rowan Silver.[24]
  • THERIANARCHY, a zine about the intersection between therianthropy and anarchism by Digital Freegan.[25]

Games[edit | edit source]

  • World Tree: A Role Playing Game of Species and Civilization, a tabletop roleplaying by Bard Bloom in 2001.[26]
  • Golden Treasure: The Great Green, an interactive fiction game published by Dreaming Door in 2019.[27]
  • Loyal Dog, a single-player LARP published by Vyt in 2021.
  • Ramiel, a Twine game published by LOVE, STARGIRL in 2021.[28]
  • Pretend My Blanket is Wings, a Twine game published by the Yolcatzin system in 2021.[29]
  • I Am Dog(s), a semi-biographical Twine game published by puppygirlbelly in 2021.[30]
  • A Wolf in Man's Clothing, a solo journaling roleplay game published by Page Shepard in 2021.[31]
  • Hidden Dragon, Anxious Townsfolk, a tabletop roleplaying game published by Page Shepard in 2021.[32]
  • Hell on Earth, a tabletop roleplaying game published by Sleep Dies in 2022.[33]
  • STRINGS/THREADS/BURDENS, a Twine game published by LOVE, STARGIRL in 2022.[34]
  • Bee and Moth, a Twine game published by the Yolcatzin system in 2022.[35]
  • Cross the Street, an in development Twine game published by the Yolcatzin system in 2022.[36]
  • We're yours and you're ours, a Twine game published by the Yolcatzin system in 2023.[37]

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