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Otherkin Wiki is still getting off the ground, and your help is really important! Here are some of the most impactful ways you can do that right now.

Direct content creation[edit source]

If you're interested in editing, you should check our sourcing guidelines and notability guidelines to learn the practical ins and outs. After that, you have a number of options:

Check an article's Talk page for suggested improvements[edit source]

There are lots of ways which we know articles can be added to that we just haven't gotten round to yet. Sometimes people leave notes on the Talk page when they feel like they don't have the time or energy to handling it themselves right now. Maybe the prospect of editing a whole article is daunting, or nothing jumps out at you as needing attention, but following someone else's suggestion is more manageable! Hop to a random page and see if there's anything there that you can pick up. Each article's Talk page can be found by pressing the 'Discussion' tab next to the 'Page' tab at the top left of the screen.

Create a new article[edit source]

If you think there's a notable subject we're not covering, you're more than welcome to create it (as long as it follows our guidelines)! Please create new articles as drafts first; you can do this by going to the url https://otherkin.wiki/wiki/Draft:[NameOfYourDraft]. You can also create drafts in your userspace by going to your userpage and adding /[NameOfYourDraft] to the end of the url. Let an admin know when you feel like it's done (either on their Talk page or on the Discord) and they'll move it into the wiki for you!

If you'd like to try creating an article but don't have an idea yourself, check out the Article workshop for requests other people have made!

Help with a draft[edit source]

People list drafts they're working on in the Article workshop if they're happy for others to help. They will probably have an article outline and notes describing what they want to fill out, either in the article itself or on its Talk page. You can also ask them directly what they'd like you to do.

Content creation support[edit source]

Suggest changes to articles[edit source]

You don't have to be the one to make the edit yourself - if you have an idea on how to make an article better, let someone know! You can make a topic on an article's Talk page, or drop it in the Discord if you don't have an account on the wiki itself.

Suggest articles to be created[edit source]

You can also request an article if it doesn't exist. This can be done on the Talk page of the Article workshop.

Evaluate and sort articles[edit source]

Some articles are higher priority than others. To help people make decisions on what to work on, we're aiming to assign importance and quality ratings to every article. You can give your input on how important you think the subject of an article is and how good the article is currently. You can also give your thoughts on the importance of requested articles that haven't been created yet, to help people decide on the order to tackle them.

Scouting[edit source]

Find sources[edit source]

Sources are the backbone of this wiki! Just finding and bringing our attention to posts, books, media and other information is a big help. You can look for sources that support existing articles or requested articles, or are just interesting content about alterhumanity in general. As long as it's reasonably in-depth, it can probably be used for something eventually! Stuff like this can go in the #🔍-research channel on the Discord.

Find images[edit source]

Articles are much improved when they're illustrated, and finding relevant images to add to articles is a fun, low-effort way to help out. We're still figuring out exactly what our image policy is, so it's probably best to run anything you find by someone else to see if it's suitable. When in doubt, stick to public domain or creative commons images, or anything the creator has given explicit permission to use. The Discord's #🎨-images-and-appearance channel can be used for this.

Unsure about something?[edit source]

We're still creating our policies, guidelines and help articles. If something about the wiki is confusing to you, let us know, because it might be worth writing about! You can join the Discord or leave a comment on an admin's talk page if you'd like to talk to someone directly about any questions, suggestions or concerns you have.