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Robots are machines, sometimes autonomous or semi-autonomous, which are usually programmed to carry out complex tasks automatically. They are often represented as emotionless and dangerous, but robots in the alterhuman community critique this perspective.

Experiences[edit | edit source]

Robots may feel at home with technology.[1][2] Polybius sees itself in machines to the extent that it feels empathy for them and pities them when they are broken. This experience has led it to feel that most humans lack empathy for each other and the world around them. It feels that humans should take more responsibility for their actions, questioning why robots are feared instead of the people who programmed them.[2]

Robots oftentimes modify language used for themselves to resemble that used for machines, such as referring to sleeping as 'recharging'.[1] They may use it/its pronouns and names that relate to their identity,[1][2][3] with this at times intersecting with gender identity. Some robots align themselves with xenogenders,[1] and beeps's robot identity is reflective of it being agender and also asexual.[3] Robots may also take lengths to physically present as their identities, possibly though covering skin wearing masks, helmets, and electronics[1] like TV heads.[2] They might also feel more comfortable when using voice changers during voice calls.[1]

Some robots enjoy repetitive chores that are usually considered tedious.[1] Polybius gives itself 'tasks' to perform, and without them, it feels bored, anxious, and without a purpose.[2]

Reception[edit | edit source]

Potentially a symptom of 'grilling' culture,[2] some individuals see robotic identities as invalid, believing robots do not have a soul.[1][2] According to C0NN1E, this mentality has led to robots being isolated from the wider otherkin community and lacking support networks.[1]

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