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The front cover of Shifting Hearts

Shifting Hearts is a romance anthology featuring otherkin and therian love interests. It was published by Good Mourning Publishing in July of 2013.[1] Two stories from Shifting Hearts were read by Nova at the March 2023 Draconic Summit,[2] and the full book was read at OtherCon in 2023.[3]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shifting Hearts contains seven short stories about a variety of nonhuman phenotypes:[1]

  • Indeed The Cry by Lauren Brownless, featuring a sea raven
  • Junebug Alien by Elizabeth Coppen, featuring a catlike alien
  • Raining Cats and Dogs by Elizabeth Coppen, featuring a margay and a dhole
  • The Journey by Rai Scodras, featuring an alien
  • Looking the Real You in the Eye by Chris Witham, featuring an angel
  • Crossing the Line by Lyn Thorne-Alder, featuring a coyote, a wolf and a magpie
  • Like Calls to Like by Esther Day, featuring a dragon

Background[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the circumstances or people behind the creation of Shifting Hearts. Good Mouring Publishing posted an open call for submissions to their website on December 27th, 2012,[4] additionally soliciting responses on Tumblr,[5] Reddit[6] and Facebook.[7] The call explicitly disallowed stories involving p-shifting, demonstrating some foreknowledge of community terminology and issues.[4] The post did not specify whether the authors must be otherkin or therian, and the biographies of the accepted authors do not specify any information about their personal identities.[1]

The initial open call stated that anthology would include a foreword from Lupa, author of A Field Guide to Otherkin.[4] However, upon publishing, the foreword was written by Good Mourning Publishing itself.[1]

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