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Cats are members of the family felidae. They are behaviourally diverse, and suited to a large range of environments, however all are obligate carnivores and predators. One species, felis catus, is domesticated.

Cat is a common species identity among nonhumans, with wild cats observed to be particularly prolific. There can be notable differences between the experience of a wild cat identity and that of a domestic cat.

Experiences[edit | edit source]

Cats may express different traits depending on their exact species, however some commonalities have emerged. In personal essays, many cats self-describe as aloof, private and unconcerned with social convention.[1][2][3][4] This independence is strongest in species like clouded leopards[3] and wildcats.[5] Conversely, cheetahs, lions, and domestic cats are more likely to be sociable.[6] Cats may seek companionship, and connect to their own felinity, by having pet cats.[7][8]

Some people have observed that many of the cats they know are genderqueer or androgynous. They theorize that this may be because cats' natural traits include both things which are stereotyped as both masculine and feminine. Some cats state that their gender is simply "cat".[9][10] Others may feel that they experience a nonhuman, feline binary gender[11] - this is particularly likely with lions, whose species displays a higher degree of sexual dimorphism.[9][10]

Cats can experience instincts such as the urge to playfight, climb or stalk things. They may prefer to express themselves through feline body language - showing affection through nuzzling and rubbing against loved ones,[1][3] and hissing and snarling when upset.[1][8] Some cats state that they can be averse to touch in general.[1][3]

Common phantom sensations reported by cats include the feeling of whiskers, claws, a tail, ears and fangs.[12][13][14]

Community[edit | edit source]

Cats are a common species in nonhuman communities, with significantly more having been written about wild cats than domestic ones. Many old therian essays mention the generic "panther" as a popular choice for "posers".[2] Some cats argue that there is, however, an essential essence that can be recognized in true felines.[2]

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