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Otherkin are arguably the most visible alterhuman community, and they are often confused or equated with other groups. Much of the confusion comes from reporters, detractors, and misinformation on social media, although some have accused otherkin themselves of contributing to this issue. As well as this, the otherkin community has subsumed other communities as it has encountered them. Many people seek to remind others of these communities' separate origins and preserve their unique culture.

Therianthropes[edit | edit source]

The therianthrope community was established independently of the otherkin community. It has come to be seen as a subsection of otherkin by people both inside and outside of the community. Many people now delineate on the basis of identifying as an earthly animal (therian) versus a mythological creature (otherkin). However, some argue that the difference is still primarily cultural.

Therians typically place more value on comparisons to real animal behaviour as a way of finding one's theriotype. Psychological explanations are more common among therians. The first descriptions of and terminology for shifting came out of therian communities, and the experience was more central there.

Fictionkin[edit | edit source]

"Fictionkin" - and its predecessors, "otakukin" and "mediakin" - was coined by analogy to otherkin.

There has been much debate among otherkin as to whether fictionkin can also be considered such, and as to whether it is a legitimate identity at all.

Otherhearted[edit | edit source]

The word otherhearted was coined by people who felt their experiences were similar to, but not quite, therianthropy. Otherkin were also mentioned in the thread it was coined in.

The word gained new attention as otherkin suggested it in response to perceived misuse of "otherkin" by people with other experiences.

Transspecies[edit | edit source]

The media has frequently described otherkin as transspecies, regardless of whether or not they identify as such.

[is there any data about how many people use the term in addition to otherkin?]

Furries[edit | edit source]

many otherkin and therians have sought to distance themselves because it's 'not as serious', however furries dispute this

[furscience data about how many furries id as otherkin/therian]

[indi's post on the intersection]

Plurals[edit | edit source]

Plurality has a history with the otherkin community.

"Kinnies"[edit | edit source]

Self-described kinnies form a large community of people who relate to other entities, primarily fictional characters, in a variety of ways.

While the exact origin of the term "kinnie" has been lost, many attest that it was first coined by trolls.