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An extranthrope (often shortened to extranth) is a nonhuman member of a plural system.[1] The term was coined for system members who do not feel like the word otherkin describes their experiences. It has been compared to how the word fictive differs from fictionkin.[1]

Experiences[edit | edit source]

Extranthropy is the experience of nonhumanity "rooted in being a headmate".[2] This is often because an extranthrope's inner-world body is nonhuman, and they experience completely living as and being seen as that species in headspace.[2][3] Extranthropes do not need to awaken to or discover their identity because it has always been their primary and immediate self-experience.[2][3][4] They may therefore feel alienated from otherkin and therian communities which strongly focus on questioning and awakening.[4] They can have kintypes and theriotypes in addition to their inner-world nonhumanity, which may be a further reason for them to distinguish the two experiences.[5]

The form and functionality of the system's body may feel foriegn to an extranthrope, and require time to learn how to inhabit.[2] They may relate differently to concepts such as gendered socialization[2][4] and reproduction,[6] or the effects of illness[7] or age[3] on their bodies, as a result of their primary nonhuman experience. Some extranthropes did not experience the body's human childhood at all.[4]

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