Nephesh Mavar

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Nephesh Mavar (נָ֫פֶשׁ מַעֲבָר) is an invented Hebrew term for Jewish alterhumans who feel that their alterhuman identity is, at least in part, influenced by Jewish spirituality, theology or philosophy. The coiner interprets "nephesh mavar" to mean "soul beyond," and the words switched to mean "transcendence," although no evidence or translation is given for either meaning. [1] מַעֲבָר in modern Hebrew is more typically translated as "crossing," "passage," or "a transition." [2]

Community[edit | edit source]

The first post containing information on this term was posted on Jan 08, 2021 on Tumblr, beginning the tag on the website. The term and space was created to allow Jewish alterhumans to discuss their identities and spirituality, when the coiner felt that "the predominant narrative in the spiritual therian and otherkind community is that of neopagans or spiritual atheists, most of whom are culturally Christian."[1] The second post in the tag came from Tumblr user kinarchist on Jan 10, 2021 asking about nonhumans in Jewish folklore.[3] Several more posts were made by both users.

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