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This page is used to collect sources for potential species identity pages. It can be used as a storehouse for drafts being worked on, or it can be used to test whether an article can viably be created for a given species identity. Feel free to add species to this list as an open call to find sources. If the right number and type of sources to meet the notability requirements are found, cool! Go ahead and turn them into an article. If a significant amount of time has passed, or people have searched exhaustively, and not enough has been found, the subject will be taken off the list and deemed non-viable unless there are big changes.

Angel[edit source]

Aquatics[edit source]

Avian[edit source]

Conceptkin[edit source]

(/objectkin? unsure if enough material for two separate ones)

Crocodile[edit source]

Demon[edit source]

Elf[edit source]

Fae[edit source]

Horse (/Equine?)[edit source]

Invertebrate[edit source]

Machine[edit source]


Merfolk[edit source]

Mythological Non-Dragon Reptiles?[edit source]

Paleotherian[edit source]

Polymorph[edit source]

Pokemon[edit source]

Snake[edit source]

Vampire[edit source]

(kintype, as opposed to the vampire lifestyle / 'real vampire' community)

Void[edit source]

Wolf[edit source]