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A example of a phytanthrope symbol. The alchemy symbol Erde with two twin flowers sprouting from the center most line, colored green.
A version of the phytanthrope community symbol.
A plantkin pride flag designed by Tumblr user 8stripe on February 1, 2020.[1]

Phytanthrope (colloquially known as plantkin) is a term which refers to someone who identifies as a plant in a human body on an integral and personal level.[2]

Phytanthropes may use the alchemy symbol Erde for Earth to represent themselves, often colored green or with a seedling sprouting from the center-most horizontal line.[3][4][5]

Community[edit | edit source]

History & etymology[edit | edit source]

Phytanthrope is a combination of the Greek terms phyton, meaning "plant," and anthrope, meaning "human" or "man." It was created using such in order to parallel the word therianthrope.[2] It was first used on a Werelist thread on Februrary 10, 2013 by Earth Listener of House of Chimeras, and is attributed to Darahagh of their system.[6]

Previous terminology that has since fallen out of use to refer to plant-identifying individuals includes wereplant[7], coined on AHWw in 1995, greenkin[8], coined in 2004, and woodkin[9], coined on the now-purged Woodkin LiveJournal in 2006. Plantkin, a portmanteau of “plant” and “otherkin," is often used as a synonym to phytanthrope. Plantkin seems to have been coined in 2004, on the Plant / Green 'Kin LiveJournal.[10]

Reaction[edit | edit source]

Some phytanthropes report experiencing dismissal or aggression due to their identity from other alterhumans.[11] Sometimes this is due to differing personal beliefs around the sentience of plants.[12][13] In a small survey held on Tumblr for phytanthropes, participants were asked how they felt about themselves in relation to the otherkin community as a whole: 42% wished for most positive attention from the community, while 42% had no strong feelings either way.[14] Despite disbelief from some, phytanthropes have been reported to exist in alterhuman community spaces since at least 1995.[7]

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