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Theri There is an ongoing online comic about otherkin and therianthropes by Orion Scribner.[1] The first comic was published on September 4th, 2005.[2] Comics often come in black-and white, though some are colored, and often contains a rotating cast of fictional characters. Theri There has had guest comic artists and authors, including Lupa,[3] Seiryuu Kami,[4] and Lauren.[5]

Theri There was previously hosted on Tapas but has since been moved to the TheriThere Dreamwidth page, where transcripts for and discussions about each comic page can also be found. Theri There has been translated into Russian with the help of EvilCat, KALDYH, and Robot Spike;[6] Portuguese with the help of Yami;[7] and Spanish with the help of Jamiroth and Golden Spirit.[8]

Theri There has been previously cited in academia focused on alterhumanity and otherkin.[9]

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