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Name: Ryuu

Age: Hatched 1992

Pronoun: They/Them or just use name

Alterhuman Identities: Shapeshifter Dream Dragon(kind) | Uzumaki Naruto(hearted) | Pacific Ocean Japanese dragon (kardiatype) | questioning Dragonite (linked hearttype) | linking Enfield (linktype)

Questioning being quoisinglet/median

Background: I have spiritual upbringings where reincarnation is a believe the circles I am amongst shares. I have been a dragon long before I know the term otherkin. I was confirmed by a oracle of sort to have been a dragon of the pacific ocean in a past life. The moment I read about otherkin, it just clicked together. I do not have concrete past memories. However, in one meditation, I saw a glimpse of oriental dragon in the cloud, storm raging in the background. As well as having a dream shift of what I suspect was the dragon of my past life, the white fur jade mane dragon, taking a small Japanese towns’ people to safety on my back. Yet, I am not the one I was. I am my own dragon this life.

You may read about more of who I am this life on my personal site or my dreamwidth.

I have had dream shift of being/shapeshifting into various different types of dragons. I’ve also experienced phantom shift, as well as m/phantom shapeshifting shifts that is the variations of my core form, and many mental/feral shift.

Others: Multimedia with fine art focus artist, casual gamer, occasional engineer, fan of all things Japanese-culture. I have some very personal connection towards Japanese language and its culture objects in general. Thus my seemingly unreasonable obsession. Possibly due to a life being a Japanese prince and potentially another life as some sort of Japanese warrior.

I am fluent in Mandarine Chinese, both script (traditional/simplified). I have the bases of Japanese, and can divulge the meaning through my Chinese language skill.

I'm on the ASD spectrum.

I'm also obsessed with the color orange for some reason that I cannot yet figure out whether it be from my dragonself, my (ficto)heartedness, or something else.