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Species Missingno
Pronouns He/Him, Ix/Ixs, Kye/Kyr
Animal-heart Manned Wolf
Copinglink Jack (JATTCH)
Links Tumblr

My name is Rex. I'm a Missingno therian in my 20s who awakened in late 2015/early 2016 who adopted a copinglink in 2018. There are a couple other more complicated aspects to my identity though that I don't always talk about. I am part of a system where several of us may also use the wiki and I have been in my system since early childhood.

I experience weird nonhumanity as a result of experiencing maladaptive daydreaming disorder. For those curious, I have a paracosm blog on Tumblr here. I have a persistent facet of one para form my paracosm but I don't know what it is. We might have some sort of median-adjacent situation going on.

I'm also a semi-regular contributor of the Glitch City wiki. Figures, right? You might see me elsewhere under the username RexMissingno or some random canon glitch Pokemon.

When it comes to terminology my preferred terms in order goes therian, otherkin, fictionkin, and fictive. I don't identify as alterhuman or plural, but I am comfortable with nonhuman, system, and multiple. Do not call me an extranth.

My website is currently a work in progress but I'll add it when it's finished.