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i'm willow or wil, i use they/she; ae/aer; ey/em; sol/sols; vamp/vamps; and fae/faer pronouns, and i'm an admin and bureaucrat on this wiki! i'm also the current owner of the otherkin wiki discord. if you ever have any questions about wiki editing, feel free to ask me! if i don't know the answer, i'll try my best to find it for you. i'm not going to guarantee that all my contributions are perfect, but i am going to guarantee that this is a project that i really love and believe in. although i've just recently gained adminship, i've been a contributor for much longer. i started when the wiki was still hosted on fandom; most of the articles were unsourced, minimal, messy, and unencyclopedic; and the only admin was quiet and hesitant to make any changes to how the wiki was run. i'm proud of how far we've come since then!

alterhuman-wise, i'm fictionfolk [in the stereotypical reincarnated fictional character way], an archetroper, and partially nonhuman. my archetype is The Magician [as in the tarot card], and i have a lot of species identities, but my most prominent ones are Dragon, Crow, Spirit, and Stardust. i think i also have a pretty prominent identity as a Borrower from the mary norton book series, but i don't know exactly where it fits! lifestyle is something that's really important to how i interact with my alterhumanity, especially as far as my fictional identity goes; i'm very deeply the same person who i was in my past life and make intentional lifestyle choices around things like my name, appearance, voice and word choice, hobbies and interests, and spirituality to affirm who i am. that said, i'm not fiction or otherkin because of my personal discomfort with those labels - please don't refer to me as such.

my personal website is here! it's a massive work in progress, but i'm hoping to work it more and eventually add some personal essays about my alternormal experiences.

i'm a creative writer and a visual artist, a pagan and a witch, an anarchist, and very very queer. i also really love oxford commas, semicolons, and typing in lowercase, if you couldn't tell from this page so far. i like to imagine that i have the energy of a witch in a renaissance dress, dramatically throwing herself against a wall with candles and piano music in the background, but i think sometimes i'm actually more of a silly goose who rambles about how cute their cats are.

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COI[edit | edit source]

this wiki cites my essays Mediakin in [Lupa's] Media and Fictionfolk, Not Fictionkin.

if you cite my work, please refer to my attribution and licensing policy!