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Hi, call me Poppy :D

My awakening began around 2013, and I started contributing to the community in 2016, with the tumblr blog @aestherians, so while I'm little more than a yearling, I might as well be middle-aged by the standards of this community :p

I'm currently trying to get my BSc in Animal Science, so I unfortunately don't have as much time for community stuff as I'd like, but I'll still try and contribute wherever possible!


Pronouns: Rae/raer preferred, he/him and she/her accepted

DOB: 1998

Kintypes: American bison, mildly canon-divergent Ben Tennyson, very canon-divergent gnoll

Hearttypes: Unicorn, spider, Tarzan

Synpaths: Frankenstein's Creature, Spider-Man

I also run a small Discord server called Chosen Ones Support Group. If you have any kind of connection to the Chosen One archetype (be it heroic or villainous, kintype or hearttype) you're very welcome to join :)

Oh, and while you're here, pls check out my fictionkind manifesto, I'm rly proud of it thnx<3