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Greetings! We go by Skyedancer2006 on most social media and other platforms, but we’re the Skyedancer System, or Night collectively!
About Us

Pronouns: They/Them, Drei/Drem Collectively draconic

We awakened as alterhuman, specifically fictionkin, in June of 2021, so we have not been in the community for too long, but it has become an extremely important part of our life and identity. Limiting and combating the spread of misinformation on the community has become a goal of ours, and we do our best to work towards it, both online and offline. We talk about my experiences being alterhuman on our Tumblr blog @goopy-nightmares, and are almost always open to a friendly chat!

We are a full time high school student, and have no experience with wiki editing, so our activity on here will most likely be minimal, and limited to spelling and grammar checks.

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