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with apologies to fredrick brennan

vagabondsun is the internet moniker of mordecai midas (often shortened to just mord), a little animal who retired to the hinterlands of the alterhuman community not so long ago to quietly work on projects like this one.

yes, it's important to me that both my username and name are spelled in lowercase in all contexts. i use it/its + he/him pronouns, i'm in my late 20s, and i've been in the alterhuman communities for a bit over 15 years now. i am a celestial dragon who spends most of my time shifted into other shapes - big cat, stag, and fox seem to be the most common. i am a warlock, a pirate, an anarchist, and a kemetic polytheist, and all of those things are deeply interrelated.

having been around for so long, i've seen some things and know some things. i'm interested in bringing that information to a wider, ostensibly younger audience - not as a scolding greymuzzle, but as a person who genuinely loves and cares about the unique culture we've inherited and grown. here's to preserving and passing on what remains of our past while embracing the direction of the communities of the future.

i also edit alterhuman-related articles on the other site, and i'm the mod of the wiki_editors community on pillowfort.

COI disclaimer[edit source]

i am a relatively prolific writer on alterhuman topics, including the following sources used on this wiki:

(for attribution purposes, as i said, my name is spelled in all lowercase. in articles, please subsequently refer to me with my forename, not my surname as is standard in academic writing.)

Userboxes[edit source]

you can see the userboxes that i've created myself on this page

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Some would say that this user is a greymuzzle.