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Page Shepard is... me! I use he/him pronouns and the Mx. honorific, and I'm a queer, plural, pagan, alterhuman who has a formal degree in Religious Studies and is currently seeking an additional degree in Data Analysis. I'm a musician, author, and artist.

Alterhumanity[edit source]

I'm a folcintera who's been a part of the alterhuman community since 2014 and I primarily identify as a canine psychopomp and as an Asian dragon, though I am also Commander Shepard fictionkin and an Anjanth paleofictherian. My main species identities are heavily intertwined with my religious beliefs (polytheistic, not something I like to go into much detail about for privacy's sake) and identity, so that's often the lens I attempt to understand it through and part of the reason I am beginning to move away from common alterhuman terminology in favor of my own personally defined terms.

I have a working animal tropetype that I've written about and a skald tropetype that I haven't. I'm also psychologically tiger-hearted, and some flavor of pokemon-hearted as well, though I'm still working on categorizing those experiences between "hearted" and "kin." I experience some sort of identification with and as dholes, but it's othervague and defies typical community rhetoric and jargon boundaries; with that said, foxes and other red-furred wild canines are considered paratypes in connection to it.

Plurality[edit source]

I'm part of a five-person non-human quoigenic system made up of myself, a basilisk, and three European dragons. While I'm the 'host' through sheer virtue of being the most tolerant of both people and non-draconic societal etiquette, we have no idea who the 'original' owner of this body is, and all have varying ideas on how/why we ended up in this situation. Myself and Dash are also the only ones of the five of us who consider themself alterhuman--the others don't view themselves as human in any capacity, much less enough to fit the definition of the term.

Sol System Information
Name Pronouns Species Social Media
Page He/They; Mx. honorific Canine Psychopomp; Asian Dragon; Anjanath [See External Links]
Noel She/They European Dragon; Neosuchian Tumblr
Drago He/Him European Dragon; Cave Lion N/A
Dash He/Him Basilisk Tumblr, Twitter, Carrd
Wyvern She/Her European Dragon N/A

History in the Alterhuman Community[edit source]

I've been involved in the alterhuman community on Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook. I joined the Werelist, Kinmunity, and Castle Otherkin in 2015. I am also a member of the Fictionkind Dreamwidth.

Essays and Fiction[edit source]

I've been writing and publishing essays and fiction alongside other members of the Sol System since 2019. You can find a majority of my work on our website Three Dragons and a Dog, but myself and my system have also written for the Radiant Obscurities project and for Project Shift. We won National Novel Writing Month in 2021 with "The Sol System's Alterhuman Writing Project," hosted on Tumblr under the tag #inkedpaws, with a series of 26 alterhuman literary pieces.

Comics and Art[edit source]

In 2020, my system started the webcomic series Shenani-kins, an internet comic based around alterhuman experiences. In 2021, I participated as an artist for OtherCon. I am also one of the many individuals who has made and suggested a new Fictionkin symbol, which has been used in projects such as the From Fictionfolk zine.

Lectures and Surveys[edit source]

In 2021 I ran and published the results of the 2021 Nonhumanity & Body Modification/Decoration Survey. In 2022 I ran the Abnormal Instincts survey, and spoke of the results at an OtherCon lecture later that year. I co-authored the Otherhearted Community Survey with House of Chimeras and Orion Scribner in 2022 and the Otherkin Community Survey and Therian Community Survey with them both in 2023.

I've participated as a panelist and lecturer for OtherCon 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Lecture List
Name Date Location Notes
Anti-Otherkin: A Symptom of a Greater Problem August 14, 2021 OtherCon 2021
Abnormal Instincts: Statistics & Solutions (18+) August 13, 2022 OtherCon 2022 This was a lecture on the 2022 Abnormal Instincts survey,
So You Want To Write A Book On Otherkin August 14, 2022 OtherCon 2022 Co-lectured alongside Orion Scribner and House of Chimeras.
Litter Box Hoax 2: Legislature Boogaloo August 12, 2023 OtherCon 2023 Co-lectured alongside Orion Scribner and House of Chimeras. A sequel to House of Chimera's panel "LitterBoxes in School Bathrooms" from OtherCon 2022.
YOU ARE NOT A MUSEUM PIECE: Putting Yourself Out There in the Alterhuman Community August 12, 2023 OtherCon 2023 Co-lectured alongside Orion Scribner.

TTRPGs and Zines[edit source]

I have created two alterhuman TTRPGs and been the organizer for one ongoing alterhuman zine. In 2021 I released A Wolf in Man's Clothing, a solo journaling RPG created using the Wretched and Alone game system mechanics and inspired by otherkin and fictionkin alterhuman experiences. That same year I also released Hidden Dragon, Anxious Townsfolk, a GM-less TTRPG that can be played solo or with a partner. It was inspired by draconic alterhuman experiences and was designed as part of our system's NaNoWriMo writing project.

In 2022 we began organizing and publishing Inky Paws, an annual collaborative fiction anthology written by nonhumans and alterhumans on nonhumanity, alterhumanity, and similar, related themes. It was inspired by Tsu Swanblood's The Forest Voice zine. Inky Paws #1 was released in 2022, and Inky Paws #2 was released in 2023. Inky Paws #3 is currently accepting submissions, see the Google Form here!

Forums, Websites, and other Projects[edit source]

I am the co-owner of Nonhuman National Park alongside House of Chimeras. I am also one of the curators for the Alterhuman Archive project, and have previously been a moderator at the Draconic Summit convention in 2022 and 2023. I am the con chair for the Centaurus Festival. We've also been a regular participant in helping to write articles for Otherkin News.

Coined Terminology and Flags[edit source]

I am the coiner for the term "copinglink," the predecessor to 'otherlink,' and the terms "folcintera" and "beastpunk." I am also the creator behind the beastpunk flag.

Other[edit source]

I was quoted and cited under a different pseudonym in Devin Proctor's "On Being Non-Human: Otherkin Identification and Virtual Space" dissertation in 2019.

I go to the Arkansas mini-Howl with my friends and whatever poor alterhuman souls we can drag along with us every year. I was also in charge of a local alterhuman club for a few years in my college days.

External Links[edit source]