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Warrior cats are fictionkin who identify as cats from the book series Warriors. These can include both cats which are canon to the book series or those which are noncanon.

Experiences[edit | edit source]

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Similar to other cats, cats from Warriors may still experience phantom and mental shifts as well as hunting or similar instincts, and may experience territorial instincts as being particularly strong. Those who are kin to cats who died at a young age as a kit or apprentice may also be more childish when in mental shift.

Some warrior cats may still recognize the full moon (or half moon for medicine cats). For warriors who died without getting a Warrior name, they may also later name themselves.

Spirituality[edit | edit source]

Some warrior cats may still work with StarClan through pop culture paganism or similar pop culture magick,[1] especially for those who were medicine cats or leaders.

History[edit | edit source]

On Tumblr, in about 2016, it was common to host gatherings of other warrior cats during each full moon that involved discussion and art.[2] These were done through Tumblr tags or through Skype.[3] Around the same year, they stopped being as common and they began to fade out in practice completely.

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