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improvement notes[edit source]

  • first things first, i feel like the intro could be revised a bit! it needs to directly state what a fictotype is, and i feel like the sentence about canon divergence isn't important enough for the lead and would fit better in an experiences section. or maybe i'm wrong, but it probably needs to be rewritten if it's going to stay.
  • speaking of, there isn't an experiences section! some topics i think it should mention are memories, canon divergence, sourcemates/canonmates [along with canoncalls and critiques of them], interacting with the source fandom, and dysphoria in a personhood context rather than gender or species. maybe awakening has a place here, but i'm not sure if it's different enough to not just be part of the questioning article. it would be interesting to note if people had memories/noemata or traits of their source before they interacted with it for the first time! that's an experience i have and i've seen others have, but i'm not sure if it's prominent enough.
    • also, fictional species! that gets pushed aside a lot. what are some specific experiences of species fictionkin? how does it differ in experience from non-fictional otherkin and therians?
  • i took out the theories of origin section of this article when i transferred it because it would basically have to be rewritten anyway. i think a lot of things would be covered by the theories of origin article, but i think it would be important to mention because of how intrinsic it can be to a fictionkin's experience and how specific it can be. spiritual vs psychological, the tension between them, how most spiritual fictionkin were reincarnated, that kind of thing. i'm not sure if it's enough to warrant its own section or if it should be part of experiences.
  • i feel like the history section is pretty sorely lacking a mention of tumblr! fictionkin are seen as a tumblr thing, in my experience, even more than otherkin are! when and how did that happen? how did it evolve there? how did the term 'kinnie' originate, and how did KFF become a separate thing? what are the differing opinions on the ethics/morality/whatever of that, and who has what opinion?
  • the history section could also mention alternate symbols, and maybe even have a symbol subsection! i can think of two off the top of my head that i've seen in use out in the wild.
  • the reception section needs work, obviously. i don't think the criticisms shouldn't be mentioned [those points were pretty much the central point of the mediakin chapter in the field guide to otherkin if i remember correctly], but they need to be sourced. there needs to be explanation that being fictionkin is a bit more normalized now in the alterhuman community itself. but they've obviously not changed so much outside of it; i think mentioning KFFers would fit here too, stating how now it's common for fictionkin to be seen as 'taking kinning too far'
  • a 'relationships with other communities' section? whether or not fictionkin are otherkin could go here, along with any other ways the communities have intersected. and it's probably another place where KFFers are worth mentioning.

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