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improvement notes[edit source]

i think eventually there needs to be a lot more information on the experiences of vampires and the vampire community! it looks kind of bare as it is now, especially considering that the vampire community is a major label. right now, there are 'types' and 'ethics' sections, which i think could be subsections in the experiences and community sections respectively.

as to exactly what these should entail, to be honest, i'm not exactly sure! i started working on this page just because it interested me, i'm by no means an expert on the community and have been doing a lot of the research as i go along. i've skimmed Michelle Belanger's anthology of works by vampires about their experiences [it's available for free with an account on the internet archive!], and i think that could be a valuable source for figuring that kind of thing out. i'm sure there's been an amount public articles as well [i remember saving one that was written for halloween last year], and there's got to be a lot on personal websites and old forums and those kinds of things. at the time of doing research, i saw that Michelle had a discord server focused on the occult, including a channel on vampirism - i left because after i joined i realized it was an 18+ server and i was 17 at the time. but i've had a birthday since then and would be glad to poke around to see if it would be of any help!

i do have some ideas of points i think should be mentioned, though! for full transparency, these are genuine questions, some of them i have an idea about, and some i don't:

  • are there any specific awakening processes that vampires commonly go through?
  • how do vampires react to feeding? what would they experience when they need to feed? how does it make them feel afterwards? does that depend on the method?
  • for psychic vampires, are there any specific rituals done for feeding? are there methods that are more or less popular?
  • are vampires generally open about this aspect of their lives? how much does it affect them?
  • what exactly is the deal with vampire houses? i know that they were used as a way for vampires to join communities, but i couldn't quite piece together the sources i found! are they still around? to what extent? Michelle Belanger's house still exists but isn't solely focused on vampirism anymore.
  • what's the intersection between vampires and otherkin? since they're generally a more offline community, would they relate to the alterhuman label or generally agree to be called such? on a similar line of thinking, what's the intersection between vampires and occultists? given the nature of everything, i wouldn't be surprised if there was a pretty big overlap.
    • similar to the occult thing, is vampirism generally spiritual or metaphysical? is psychological vampirism a thing, and what would it look like?
  • vampires are a pretty offline community! why? how do they interact with each other in the absence of a major online presence?

i would really appreciate input from someone, especially if they know more about the community than i do!

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