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a friendly pooka, usually horse-shaped or cat-shaped (i go by housetiger on the other wiki). i use he/him and ze/hir pronouns, and i'm in my late 20s.

i'm a pluran, an extranth, and a furry. my system has been part of the otherkin and alterhuman communities for almost 15 years! i have a personal interest in adding information about the intersection of the otherkin and plural communities, and how we've always been allies and shared experiences and spaces in common. but as an admin, it's my job to take an interest in all kinds of topics! i'm here to support you, whatever you're working on.

i'm also a member of the wiki_editors community on pillowfort! if you're looking for more generalized help on wiki editing outside of this one, it's a great place to go (check here for pillowfort invites!). please also feel free to ping me or message me directly if you think there's something i can help with! i would like to think i'm a pretty experienced wiki editor and i'm always happy to be of assistance.