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hey!! i'm using this as a space to keep track of things that i might be able to use for citations on pages i'm interested in making [or contributing to] in the future. feel free to look around and use these sources yourself; i've not gotten around to starting these drafts and i don't have any ownership or claim over them, if you want to do it first, great, i'll contribute to it if i'm able to! also feel free to go through these sources to see if there's info on other topics in them! i'd prefer if you didn't edit this page without my permission - if you find a source i haven't listed and you think i might be interested in, please share it with me on my message wall or on discord rather than adding it yourself.

i've found some of these from my own searching or knowledge, and some i've found from other people sharing in places like the okw discord. i'll do my best to give you a shoutout if i found a source because of you!

punk movements in alterhuman communities[edit source]

awtok[edit source]

possible cw for surveillance and unreality - also, warning that some of these sites are fakes meant to support the myth and aren't factual. thanks to Poppy and Page [who got his sources from House of Chimeras] for sharing these on the okw discord!