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Voxel is a dragon and enderman. Alongside Willow, drae is a bureaucrat on this wiki. Draer special interest is Minecraft and drae is Minecraft otherSpIn.[1]

Alterhumanity[edit source]

Voxel has been aware of draer draconity since approx. 2016 and fully accepted it in approx. 2020. A significant portion of draer draconic experience involves phantom limbs and shifts. Drae accepted draer enderhood and discovered the concept of otherSpIn in 2023. Because of draer longtime special interest in Minecraft, a significant amount of draer identity―alterhuman and otherwise―is centered around the game.

In addition to being alterhuman, Voxel is aroace and nonbinary FtM. Drae sees draer otherhood as similar to draer transsexuality.

Voxel is also the host of a plural system. Draer alters vary in species and gender.

Administration[edit source]

If you are in need of any assistance regarding this wiki, you may contact Voxel on draer talk page.

Notes[edit source]

  1. otherSpIn: an alterhuman experience tied with one's special interest