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1992 - 2000: Alt.Horror.Werewolves, and the beginnings of community[edit source]

at Therianthrope#Community origins

2000 - 2010: Moving to Web 1.0, encountering other nonhumans[edit source]

- So many personal websites !The golden age of person websites, even. (Would make 2020's the renaissance of personal websites?)

- Popular social media platform LJ made communities in 2000, enabling much more nonhuman mingling than previously; this would even be a popular enough locale that Lupa Greenwolf would announce her in-progress book on otherkin and therians, and would gather surveys

- Some therians reacted well to the mingling! A lot of therians did not. And thus, the forum hazing ritual known as "grilling" was born, and traumatized pretty much everyone

- The first document on therians and otherkin. the infamous "on all levels but physical I am a wolf awooo" meme. Caused a lot of therians and otherkin to get bullied, and exacerbated the problems the therian community was already experiencing by trying to divide itself and other itself in such a violent and harsh manner from the otherkin community.

- Some therians were so anti-mingling that they pushed the definition that therianthropy is an identification as ONE earthly animal species that still exists (pushed by places like Therian Wilderness). This misinfo became widespread and is still a problem to this day!

2010- 2020: Tumblr, social justice and broadening visibility[edit source]

Sometime in the 2010's otherkin had started posting to Tumblr, sharing their experiences, bonding with other like-minded people and so on, but there was also lots and lots of trolls during this time posing as otherkin and saying outlandish things about our community that is still believed today, such as the "dragonkin" anon who "Ate their moms jewelry"[1] or Carrionflowerkin(not sure if that's still their @) claiming that keeping houseplants is the same as slavery and kidnapping.[2] (Obviously add more, but this seems like a decent start, also add kinning in there maybe since ik fictionkin got popular during this time too) this section looks to all be about otherkin, not therians. What's it doing here?

2020 and beyond:[edit source]

Modern Therians have been around on most platforms, such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Tik Tok where the somewhat quiet and unknown community suddenly gained huge amounts of attention/attraction due to quadrobists on the app. With the sudden explosion in popularity the entire meaning and definition of therianthropy has "telephoned" through the site with plenty of people misinterpreting the meaning. Lot of kids on the site think therianthropy is specifically quadrobist based, you must have past lives, it's spiritual only and plenty of other completely incorrect things.

Over the past few years there has also been lots of beastilaists worming themselves into the therian community and rendering multiple of the biggest/well known forums unusable as well as tarnishing the already moderately scuffed looking therian community to outsiders. (more added here.?)

(The bestialists did a LOT of damage to the therianthropy community, since they rendered the two three biggest forums unusable. New concepts about therianthropy as something you do (quadrobics... for a positive example... >_<''') or feel (but specifically without introspection as a major element, as opposed to it in the past decades) rather than something you are.)