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the final push for improvement[edit source]

so i think this is just about done - in fact, it could be published as is, if we're really raring to get more articles live. whether these are tackled before or after this is moved into mainspace, these are the outstanding issues, to me:

  • i think the summary needs to be rewritten in own words rather than just lifting the copy from the site wholesale
  • the article would probably benefit from more sources contemporary to the book's publishing and rescension. reviews and interviews about the book post release, and reaction to the announcement that it'd be removed from print would both do well
  • a section called something like 'background' or 'development' which talks about how lupa had the idea for the book, what the writing process was like, if that info is available, would do nicely to add more content that's not just people's opinions about the book
  • the article has ended up being awfully negative! as we've dug, i feel like we've uncovered more and more criticism and not so much praise. that's something that i think might be ameliorated by looking for stuff closer to the book's lifetime. maybe at this point in history the cons truly do outweigh the pros, but i think we should really make sure that's the case.

also, i didn't scrub through the whole of the marginalia, so almost certainly more from that could be added. vagabondsun (it/its + he/him) | talkcontrib 23:29, 13 March 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

i rewrote the summary! petrichoran • they/she/ae/ey • talk 19:03, 29 October 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]