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improvement notes[edit source]

  • there's a few types of shifts that aren't sourced! are they relevant enough? conversely, are there some that are relevant enough but aren't included? i have no idea, i don't really interact with the community enough to know!
  • a list would look a lot better than having sections that are only a few lines long. maybe they could be sorted into different sections of types of shifts?
    • on the same train of thought, i think it's kind of unfair to label certain shifts as controversial. i think that section implies that there's something inherently wrong with them without explaining why, possibly causing a reader to make assumptions. i think it would be better to state that the individual type of shift has been critiqued and say why rather than lumping all of the controversial ones together.
  • i also think this page could be expanded a bit more! when and where did the term 'shift' originate? when were different types given different names and abbreviations? what do the types of shifts mentioned feel like?

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Is a physical shift theoretically achievable even if there's barely any historical records of any individuals who have succeeded except for possibly some cryptids who may or may not still be alive?[edit source]

It is known that humans share a lot of DNA with other species if you take into account non-coding DNA and that epigenetic information can be altered mentally with sufficient willpower although it may take years of effort to achieve any significant changes, but what if someone were to try to achieve a cross-species epigenetic activation via this method?

Please be aware that article talk pages on OKW are for discussing editing and improving the articles themselves, not for discussing the thing that the article is about generally. On that note, I can guarantee you that there is no source on earth that would meet our encyclopedic standards for "proving" that physical shifting is possible. Historical accounts don't mean anything if they can't be replicated now.
-- vagabondsun (it/its + he/him) | talkcontrib 16:13, 25 November 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]